TRAD 112 est une application d’aide au bilan pour smartphones et tablettes. Disponible sous les systèmes d’exploitation Androïd et IOS, elle permet de récolter des informations essentielles auprès de la personne prise de malaise ou blessée.

TRAD 112 is a medical assessment application for smartphones and tablets. Available for Android and iOS operating systems, TRAD 112 can collect essential information from the person taken ill or injured...


What is TRAD112 ?

TRAD 112 is an application destined for smartphones and tablets.

It’s main function is to help communicate with persons who are in need of medical assistance of a foreign nationality, profoundly deaf or visually impaired .

It can be used anywhere allowing rescuers around the world to use it. TRAD 112 isn’t reliant on an internet connection to function

It can be adapted to your chosen  language or selected country language. This allows first aiders, health and safety officials and medical personnel an easier, faster more efficient communication option.