TRAD 112 est une application d’aide au bilan pour smartphones et tablettes. Disponible sous les systèmes d’exploitation Androïd et IOS, elle permet de récolter des informations essentielles auprès de la personne prise de malaise ou blessée.

TRAD 112 is a medical assessment application for smartphones and tablets. Available for Android and iOS operating systems, TRAD 112 can collect essential information from the person taken ill or injured...


About Tradcentdouze

How was TRADCENTDOUZE created?

TRADCENTDOUZE is a company created by Frédéric Sola, a fire-fighter, to deal with communication difficulties that may be encountered by rescuers and victims.


F. Sola’s career:

Young Fire-fighter (1982 – 1989)

Volunteer fire-fighter for 23 years: Rhône and Isère Fire and Rescue Department

Fire safety officer at Crédit Lyonnais Tower (Lyon) (1991 – 1995)

Fire Brigade of Paris (1992-1993)

Chemical industry fire-fighter, St Fons

plants (Rhône) (1995-2000)

Honorary Captain of the Isère Fire and Rescue


Fire-fighter for 15 years at Roissy-Charles de

Gaulle International Airport